Latihan soal conditional sentences 13

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Put the verbs in brackets into the gaps. Form a Conditional sentence – type I. Only use the will-future in the main clauses.


If I ____ (to go) to the cinema, I ____ (to watch) an interesting film.


If I go to the cinema, I will watch an interesting film.

1. If I (to study), I (to pass) the exams.

2. If the sun (to shine), we (to walk) into town.

3. If he (to have) a temperature, he (to see) the doctor.

4. If my friends (to come), I (to be) very happy.

5. If she (to earn) a lot of money, she (to fly) to New York.

6. If we (to travel) to London, we (to visit) the museums.

7. If you (to wear) sandals in the mountains, you (to slip) on the rocks.

8. If Rita (to forget) her homework, the teacher (to give) her a low mark.

9. If they (to go) to the disco, they (to listen) to loud music.

10. If you (to wait) a minute, I (to ask) my parents.