Latihan soal conditional sentences 6

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1.If I had known that you were coming, I ____ you at the station.
2.“If I had come eralier, I could have met Bob in person” means ____
3.“____he would have eaten half of the cake.”
4.They ____ the trip if they had known she was sick.
5.Had she found the right buyer, she ____ the house.
6.“Had the company been fair in giving bonuses, the employees would not have gone strike.”
From the above sentence, we may conclude that ____
7.If I ____ the flu, I would have gone with you.
8.If Bob ____ with us, he would have had a good time.
9.If you had told us earlier who he was, we ____.
10.If George ____ the money, he would have lent it to me.
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Kunci jawaban:

  1. would have met
  2. I came late, so I could not meet Bob in person.
  3. had he been hungry
  4. would have postponed
  5. would have sold
  6. the employees were very dissatisfied
  7. hadn’t had
  8. had come
  9. could have introduced
  10. had