Latihan soal conditional sentences 8

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1. I wish I ____ more money. That book is just way too expensive.
2. X: What’s wrong with Jimmy? He looks really tired.
Y: Yeah, he said he couldn’t focus on the lesson. He wished he ____ last night.
3. If you do something bad, you ____ something bad as a return. That’s what karma is.
4. She will reach her dream someday if she ____ I’m sure of it.
5. X: If you ____ a company as big as Microsoft, what would you do?
Y: I don;t know. Maybe, I would start collecting expensive cars.
6. Hannah ____ a lot of money every year if she stopped buying fancy cosmetics.
7. X: We wouldn’t have been lost if you ____ the map carefully before we left.
Y: Why are you blamming me? It;s not my fault that we got lost.
8. Justin ____ Britney’s birthday if I had not reminded him this morning.
9. “Christina is having a hard time communicating with Japanese people. She wishes she could speak Japanese.”
From the statement above, we know that ____.
10. “Brad would have missed the bus if he had not run this morning.”