Latihan soal conditional sentences 7

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1. If the rain does not stop until 6 p.m., I ____ my plan to go to the bookstore.
2. Hey Jane, if ____, wake me up. Okay?
3. X: Have you heard it? Alex was hospitalized last night. His asthma is getting worse.
Y: Yeah, I heard it. He’s too stubborn. If I were him, I ____ and lead a healthier life.
4. Mike is at the top of the food chain in this office. He would certainly fire you if you ever ____ him.
5. Sally wouldn’t have had such a terrible headache if she ____ well last night.
6. If only you had listened to me and not played with that fire, you ____ your hand like this.
7. Anna is angry because Elsa talks to her as if she ____ a child.
8. I wonder what happened to Jonah. He looks so scared as if he ____ a ghost.
9. You won’t beat Mr. Bolt in running. He can run as though he ____.
10. John said he was so busy with works. I wish he ____ here on Christmas.