Latihan soal conditional sentences 9

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1. If the students ____ late to submit the scholarship application to the board, they will not be losted as candidates.
2. If your brother ____ here, he ____ us with this works.
Aldo: Did you attend the meeting last Monday?
Fery: I would if I had been invited.

The underlined utterance means ____.
4. You ____ the job if you were not late to the interview.
5. We would get the tickets, ____.
6. Fortunately you assisted yo push the car. If you hadn't helped him, he ____ with you.
7. If Rani were not busy at the moment, she would go out with me, said Maria.
From Maria utterance we know that Rani ____ with her.
8. ____ her shyness, she would have become a great teacher.
9. If we don't hurry, the meeting ____ by the time we get there.
10. If I had a lot of time, I would study German.
From this sentence we know that ____.