Latihan soal conditional sentences (part 1)

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Change the words in bracket into their correct form.
(Rubahlah kata dalam kurung ke dalam bentuk yang benar.)

1.She ____ (be) here if you invite her.
2.I ____ (forget) anything if 1 write it on my book note.
3.They ____ (stay) outdoor if there is an earthquake.
4.If Kadita ____ (see) you, will she recognize you?
5.Can I drop to your house if I ever ____ (come) to Kuningan?
6.Will you be happy unless you ____ (have) money?
7.My parents will be angry if I ____ (not, study) hard.
8.I (continue) my study unless I have money.
9.If you love me, I (love) you too.
10.Ratu ____ (be) delighted if you give her a necklace for her birthday.
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Kunci jawaban:

  1. would be
  2. would forget
  3. will stay
  4. sees
  5. come
  6. have
  7. don't study
  8. will continue
  9. will love
  10. will be