Latihan soal conditional sentences 5

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1.Katty ____ you if she had your phone number.
2.Tina: I am afraid I can’t finish my work.
Evi: I wish I could help you.
From the dialogue we conclude that Evi ____ Tina.
3.After the way she treated you, if I ____ in your place, I would return the call.
4.If it ____ so late, we could have coffee.
5.If I ____ the day off tomorrow, I would go to the beach.
6.If I ____ (be) the mayor of this city, I would change certain things.
7.If that man ____ harder, he could earn more money.
8.I would gladly tell you the answer if I only ____ it myself.
9.If Don and I ____ enough money, we would buy a house.
10.If the weather ____ (be) better right now, we could go for walk.
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Kunci jawaban:

  1. would call
  2. can’t help
  3. were
  4. wasn’t
  5. had
  6. were
  7. works
  8. knew
  9. had
  10. were