Latihan soal conditional sentences 12

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Make the zero conditional.


  • If I ____ (wake up) late, I ____ (be) late for work.
  • If my husband (cook), he (burn) the food.


  • If I wake up late, I am late for work.
  • If my husband cooks, he burns the food.

1. I (feel) good the next day if I (go) to bed early.

2. Lots of people (come) if Jenny (have) a party.

3. She (buy) expensive clothes if she (go) shopping.

4. My daughter (pass) her exams if she ((work) hard.

5. David (be) sick if he (drink) milk.

6. The river (freeze) if it (be) very cold.

7. I (like) to visit the museums if I (be) in a new city.

8. I (cycle) to work if the weather (be) fine.

9. My flatmate (clean) really well if she (clean) the house.

10. Everybody (be) grumpy if it (rain) a lot.