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Sama-sama punya akhiran "-ing", ini bedanya gerund dengan active participle

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Perbedaan gerund dan active participle

Gerund dan Active Participle memiliki bentuk yang sama, yaitu kata kerja bentuk "–ing" Sekalipun bentuknya sama, keduanya memiliki fungsi yang berbeda. Dari segi arti, gerund mengandung makna "peristiwa yang sedang berlangsung".

Sedangkan active participle adalah kata kerja dalam bentuk "–ing" dan artinya menunjuk kepada aktivitas yang bersifat aktif (melakukan pekerjaan).

Contoh kalimat

1. The running boy is anwar, (active participle)
(The boy who is running is Anwar= Anak yang sedang berlari itu Anwar)

2. The running shoes are very expensive.(gerund)
(Sepatu yang digunakan untuk berlari itu sangat mahal)

3. The walking man wants to meet you. (active participle)
(orang yang sedang berjalan itu ingin menemuimu)

4. The old man needs a walking stick. (gerund)
(orang tua itu memerlukan tongkat untuk berjalan)

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Latihan soal gerunds

My hobby is .....
Before ....., he said nothing.
..... a sharp axe, he cut down the tree easily
..... a new language can be very interesting.
She always succeeded in ..... what she wanted.
..... his paper, he gave it to his teacher.
By the time Ari and Zaki were in junior high, they started ..... down their own stories.
I was interested in ..... more about your work.
She gets used to ..... near the airport?
Rudi is accustomed to ..... a tie during his work.


Latihan soal participles

..... to life imprisonment, the murderer of his family appealed to the higher court of justice.
The police have arrested the men ..... in the bank robbery.
The girl ..... playing in the yard is my daughter.
After ..... the assignment, I continue helping my mother cooking for dinner.
Who is ..... our coffee?
The building seems ..... since the owner left it five years ago.
Being an artist, he always has meeting abroad. The underlined word means …
We saw the girl ..... the coconut tree.
Transmigration helps people from densely ..... areas to start a new life.
Four of the ..... prisoners were caught by the police.