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Sama-sama punya akhiran "-ing", ini bedanya gerund dengan active participle

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Gerund dan Active Participle memiliki bentuk yang sama, yaitu kata kerja bentuk "–ing" Sekalipun bentuknya sama, keduanya memiliki fungsi yang berbeda. Dari segi arti, gerund mengandung makna "peristiwa yang sedang berlangsung".

Sedangkan active participle adalah kata kerja dalam bentuk "–ing" dan artinya menunjuk kepada aktivitas yang bersifat aktif (melakukan pekerjaan).

Contoh kalimat:

1. The running boy is anwar, (active participle)
(The boy who is running is Anwar= Anak yang sedang berlari itu Anwar)

2. The running shoes are very expensive.(gerund)
(Sepatu yang digunakan untuk berlari itu sangat mahal)

3. The walking man wants to meet you. (active participle)
(orang yang sedang berjalan itu ingin menemuimu)

4. The old man needs a walking stick. (gerund)
(orang tua itu memerlukan tongkat untuk berjalan)

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Latihan soal gerunds

My teacher said my essay needs ____ by tomorrow.
Rudi is accustomed to ..... a tie during his work.
..... a new language can be very interesting.
I watched two lions ____ in the grass in South Africa.
My grandmother prefers ____ science fiction books.
Our neighbour used ____ a pipe.
She gets used to ..... near the airport?
My mother taught me not ____ about my academic work.
..... a sharp axe, he cut down the tree easily
She always succeeded in ..... what she wanted.


Latihan soal participles

There’s been some very ____ news this week. The one that caought my attention the most is United States finally launching his Tomahawk missile to Syria.
Her majesty the queen, ____ in a big throne, received her guests politely.
After watching the trailer, we all know that “Transformers 5: The Last Knight” is going to be more ____ than the previous sequel.
Transmigration helps people from densely ..... areas to start a new life.
Nobody wants to eat at the new hamburger joint in the town. Everyone who’s been there says that their hamburgers are ____. They’re cold and laden with grease.
Trying to smuggle drugs into the country, the criminals were caught by the customs officials at the airport.
The underlined words mean: ____ to smuggle drugs into the country.
Having found the bandits’ hideout, the Sherrif quickly asked his men to surround the place. Meanwhile, ____ that resistance was futile, three bandits came out and surrendered willingly.
We saw the girl ..... the coconut tree.
His bike has been stolen.
____ by the fireworks, my dog, Chewy, ran with its tails between the legs. I don’t understand why Chewy is so scared of fireworks.