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Defening adjective clause dan non-defening adjective clause beserta contoh penggunaan pada kalimat

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Adjective Clause (klausa ajektif) yaitu suatu klausa yang berfungsi sebagai kata sifat dalam kalimat majemuk. Klausa ajektif untuk menerangkan orang biasanya diawali dengan relative clause who, whom, atau whose sedangkan untuk benda dan binatang which, that atau whose.

Defening adjective clause

Who, that : menggantikan subjek orang

Contoh : That boy is a new student; He is speaking English with Santi.

Whom, that : menggantikan objek orang.

Contoh :

  • That man is a manager; she introduced him to me.
  • That man whom she introduced to me is manager.
  • That man that she introduced to me is manager.
  • That man she introduced to me is a manager.

Which,that : menggantikan subjek kata benda / binatang.

Contoh : Jane showed dewi a book. It belongs to Rina.

Which/that : menggantikan objek benda / binatang

Contoh : The dictionary belongs to Sita. I showed it to Lina yesterday

Non-defening Adjective Clause

Who : menggantikan subjek orang

Cth : Dila’s father plays tennis twice a week.

Whom : menggantikan objek orang

Cth : Do you know Mr.Hadi? I talked with him yesterday.

Whose : menggntikan possesive adjective orang.

Cth : We take a pity to Dina’s father.

Which : menggantikan subjek benda binatang

Cth : Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia.

Which : menggantikan objek benda / binatang

Cth : Linda told me her address.

Whose : menggantikan possesive adjective benda / binatang

Cth : The book is mine. It’s cover is torn.

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Latihan soal adjectives

You plants will grow ____ in spring and fall.
It is important to write a ____ cover letter for a job resume.
How do you write so ____ ?
They all can speak English ____
The service was ____
He run the company very ____
I want to know how to do ____ on exams.
She looked really ____ without make up.
I think they are ____ mechanical engineers.
I want to be a ____ grammarian.