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Perbedaan gerund dan present participle serta contoh kalimatnya

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Gerund dan present participle sama-sama memiliki kata berakhiran "-ing", lantas apa perbedaannya?

Perbedaan gerund serta present participle hanyalah satu hal yaitu gerund merupakan kata benda, sedangkan present participle bisa menjadi kata sifat serta kata kerja. Gerund itu kata benda, sedangkan present participle bukan.

Saya akan memberikan Anda penjelasan sederhana mengenai kedua hal ini. Semoga bisa dimengerti dengan baik.


Peran gerund sebagai kata benda tentu bisa bermacam-macam di dalam kalimat. Sebagai kata benda, ia bisa menjadi subjek, objek, dan pelengkap. Berikut ini contohnya:

Gerund sebagai subjek

  • Swimming is my hobby.
  • Eating too much is a bad habit.
  • Speaking is my favorite subject in English Department.

Gerund sebagai objek

  • Do you like shopping?
  • Why did you hate playing video games?
  • I choose running rather than staying.

Gerund sebagai complement (pelengkap)

  • Talking too much is your habit.
  • My favorite activity is listening to the music.

Present Participle

Fungsi dari present participle ada dua yaitu sebagai kata kerja dan kata sifat. Fungsinya sebagai kata kerja yaitu terletak pada continous tense, dimana present participle bersama auxiliary verbs (is, am, are, have) membentuk kata kerja utuh di dalam suatu kalimat.

Present Participle Sebagai Kata Kerja

  • I am talking with you, not with him.
  • Are you joking?
  • I was smiling when she called me.
  • She has been waiting for you since three days ago.

Present Participle Sebagai Kata Sifat

  • The boys talking in the class had made the teachers angry.
  • I love this snowing session.
  • That smiling girl is my girlfriend.
  • I don’t know why I trapped with those annoying people.

Present participle sebagai kata sifat berfungsi untuk menjelaskan atau mendeskripsikan kata benda. Kata talking (berbicara) berfungsi menjelaskan kata benda The boys (anak laki-laki). Sehingga kalau ada orang yang bertanya, “anak laki-laki yang mana”? Maka jawabannya adalah “anak laki-laki yang berbicara di kelas”.

Smiling girl artinya gadis yang tersenyum. Smiling merupakan kata sifat yang menjelaskan kata benda girl.

Annoying people artinya orang-orang yang menjengkelkan. Sehingga kata annoying merupakan kata sifat yang menjelaskan kata benda people.

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Thank you very much


Latihan soal gerunds

Rudi is accustomed to ..... a tie during his work.
..... a sharp axe, he cut down the tree easily
..... his paper, he gave it to his teacher.
I was interested in ..... more about your work.
By the time Ari and Zaki were in junior high, they started ..... down their own stories.
My hobby is .....
She always succeeded in ..... what she wanted.
She gets used to ..... near the airport?
Before ....., he said nothing.
..... a new language can be very interesting.


Latihan soal participles

Who is ..... our coffee?
The police have arrested the men ..... in the bank robbery.
We saw the girl ..... the coconut tree.
The building seems ..... since the owner left it five years ago.
..... to life imprisonment, the murderer of his family appealed to the higher court of justice.
After ..... the assignment, I continue helping my mother cooking for dinner.
Being an artist, he always has meeting abroad. The underlined word means …
Four of the ..... prisoners were caught by the police.
The girl ..... playing in the yard is my daughter.
Transmigration helps people from densely ..... areas to start a new life.