Apa itu gerund?

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Apa itu gerund?

Gerund adalah bentuk "–ing" dari kata kerja yang digunakan sebagai kata benda. Perlu diketahui bahwa Gerund memiliki bentuk yang sama dengan present participle yakni verb-ing. Berikut adalah tipe-tipe gerund:

1. Gerund/Simple Gerund:

Contoh gerund/simple gerund diantaranya:

  • Verb + ing: reading, dancing, swimming, camping, listening, writing, etc.
  • Reading is my hobby.
  • I like writing.
  • Singing is beautiful.

2. Gerund Phrase:

Yakni gerund yang diikuti oleh objek atau didahului oleh possessive adjective, contohnya:

  • Gerund + object: reading a novel, writing a story.
  • Possessive + gerund: your singing
  • Reading a novel is my hobby.
  • I like writing a short story.
  • Your singing is beautiful.
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Latihan soal gerunds

I used ____ that television show all the time.
We promise ____ in touch with our clients.
Some of the students refused ____ behavior guidelines.
Tasya wishes ____ her grandparents more often.
I watched two lions ____ in the grass in South Africa.
Would you mind ____ this questionnaire?
We started ____ dinner without you.
I was interested in ..... more about your work.
..... a sharp axe, he cut down the tree easily
I can't imagine ____ my own house.