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Gerunds adalah kata kerja (verb) yang ditambah ing (verb + ing) dan berfungsi sebagai kata benda (noun). Dengan kata lain gerund adalah kata kerja yang dibendakan/diubah menjadi kata benda dengan menambahkan ing.

Dalam kalimat bahasa Inggris, gerunds mempunyai peran sebagai:

  1. Gerunds as subject
  2. Gerunds as object
  3. Gerunds as subjective complement
  4. Gerunds as object of preposition
  5. Gerunds after word “NO”
  6. Gerunds after possessive adjective
  7. Gerunds after certain verbs
  8. Gerunds as appositive

Gerunds as subject

Berikut ini contoh-contoh gerunds yang berfungsi sebagai subject:

  • Reading is not my hobby.
  • Swimming is better than running.
  • Hiking can be very strenuous.

Gerunds as object

  • I like reading.
  • She goes swimming every morning.
  • Their favorite sport is running.

Gerunds as Subjective Complement

Gerund sebagai pelengkap subjek dalam kalimat biasanya selalu didahului to be yang terletak di antara subject dan subjective complement, contoh:

Her favorite sport is swimming.

Gerunds as object of preposition

Gerund sebagai objek dari preposisi terletak setelah preposisi, misalnya; for, before, without, in, at, after, dll.


  • I will wash the dishes after eating.
  • You cannot be rich man without working.

Gerunds after “NO”

Dalam kalimat larangan, kita sering memakai kata “No” dan setelahnya biasanya diletakkan verb + ing yaitu gerunds. Contoh:

  • No Smoking!
  • No parking in this area!

Gerunds after possessive adjective

Gerunds juga sering kita jumpai setelah possessive adjective. Misalnya:

Thanks for your coming.

Gerunds after certain verbs

Dalam bahasa Inggris, ada beberapa kata kerja tertentu yang bila kita ingin memasukan kata kerja sesudah kata kerja tersebut, maka kata kerja setelahnya harusnya berbentuk gerund atau verb + ing. Berikut ini contoh kata kerja-kata kerja tersebut beserta contoh kalimatnya:

  • Admit : He admitted cheating on the test.
  • Advise : The doctor generally advised drinking low-fat milk.
  • Allow : Ireland doesn't allow smoking in bars.
  • Anticipate : I anticipated arriving late.

Gerunds as appositive

Gerund sebagai aposisi atau penegas dalam kalimat, contoh:

  • His method, shooting and killing, eventually came to an end.
  • She has a bad habit, gambling.
  • Her favorite exercise, swimming in the pool, makes her body strong.
  • That difficult work, sawing hard woo, makes him exhausted
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Latihan soal gerunds

My hobby is .....
..... a sharp axe, he cut down the tree easily
..... his paper, he gave it to his teacher.
She always succeeded in ..... what she wanted.
..... a new language can be very interesting.
By the time Ari and Zaki were in junior high, they started ..... down their own stories.
She gets used to ..... near the airport?
Before ....., he said nothing.
I was interested in ..... more about your work.
Rudi is accustomed to ..... a tie during his work.