Latihan soal conjunctions 9

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1. To protect her delicate hands, Francis will not rake the yard, do the dishes, or ____ the bathub.
2. After Amanda cashes her paycheck, the money goes to her savings account, education fund, and ____.
3. Before she started her summer run, Alicia ____ her shoelaces, applied sunscreen, and increased the volume on her iPod.
4. Brittany has an outstanding academic record, ____ she was not accepted by the university.
5. Carlos didn’t have enough money to buy an airplane ticket, ____ he couldn’t fly home to Mexico to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.
6. I struggled to keep my head above water and I tried to yell for help, ____ no sound came out of my mouth. It was a very awful nightmare.
7. ____ coal ____ oil are irreplaceable natural resources. We have to use them wisely, so the future generation can enjoy their benefits as well.
8. Despite getting high salary from his job, Sally ____ has a car ____ own a house.
9. Belinda barely opened her eyes when we watched the horror movie, for ____.
10. We searched the car trunk, ____ and the top of the refrigerator, but we could not find the box of whole grain cereal that we bought.


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