Latihan soal conjunctions 19

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Tanya pertanyaan apapun


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1.She has some shoes, ____ none of them are comfortable for brisk walking.
2.Ones can't eat their cake ____ have it too.
3.I want to know how customers decide to buy ____ not to buy a new car.
4.I lent my friend $10 yesterday, ____ her wallet was lost.
5.My brother and I visited the zoo last week, ____ we took some photos.
6.The candidate didn't show up for the interview, ____ the HR manager crossed her off the list.
7.Bobby really hates cold water, ____ he attends swimming lesson twice a week in the morning.
8.My employer refused to accept my resignation, ____ did he raise my salary.
9.I want to buy a new car, ____ I'm planning to trade in my current car.