Latihan soal conjunctions 18

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Tanya pertanyaan apapun


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1.Whales, dolphins, and walruses are ____ fish ____ mammals.
2.Lia and I discussed ____ to attend the meeting ____ have a representative attend in our place.
3.____ had hotel housekeeper left ____ the guests entered the room.
4.The more you smile, ____ you will get positive reactions from others.
5.Neither the woman ____ her daughter has a posititive attitude.
6.I would like to try both the classic tiramisu ____ creamy cheesecake recipes.
7.She would rather wash clothes by hand ____ use a dishwasher.
8.Choosing between staying at home ____ working full-time were not easy for her.
9.Do you know the distance from Earth ____ Mars?
10.You can either wear open-toe sandals ____ shoes to work at the office.