Latihan soal conjunctions 8

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Tanya pertanyaan apapun


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1.When Alex refused to help Miranda, she became furious and ____ at him.
2.Everyone in this company likes Mrs. Kowalski. She has proven herself to be a sincere, hardworking, and ____ supervisor.
3.The Marleys love all outdoor activities. They especially enjoy fishing in the mountain streams and ____ in public forest areas.
4.Deserts are harsh and dry, ____ quite a few plants and animals live there. They somehow manage to adapt to the hostile environtment.
5.Johnny isn’t practicing with his band in the studio today, ____ he might be hanging out with his girlfriend.
6.Sarah goes to the gym five times a week, for ____.
7.X: Either you clean your room ____ you will stay home this weekend.
Y: But mom, that’s not fair. It was Jeanne who made such a mess in my room.
8.Anita found ____ the ring she had lost ____ her favourite necklace. I could see that she was the happiest person on that day.
9.James was grounded by his parents for making Lily cry. He can ____ go to the movies ____ hang out with us on weekend.
10.Last night, Martha had to study for a test, so ____.