Latihan soal passive voices 5

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1. Last night, I ____ just 20 minutes before midnight and woke up at 4 a.m. Now I feel so sleepy.
2. Joy restaurant is famous not only because the food is delicious but also the customers ____ politely.
3. We should relax. The report ____ by Alex at this moment. He’ll make sure it’s finished by tomorrow morning.
4. X: Hey Matt, did you see a math book that I put on this desk?
Y: Yeah, it ____ by Damon a moment ago.
5. Yammy’s motorcycle ____ already. It should start fine from now.
6. When I came into his house, Jared ____ to do his homework by his father.
7. Mr. Ramsey’s house ____ to ashes when three fire trucks arrived. They were too late.
8. X: You ____ if you do not enter the room quickly.
Y: I know. I’m just really nervous right now.
9. By 10 a.m. tomorrow, the new policy regarding foreign investors ____ by Prime Minister John Larry.
10. May is good in cooking. In fact, this delicious pizza is cooked by ____


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