Latihan soal passive voices 1

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Contoh untuk soal no. 1-4:


The paintings (exhibit) ..... till the end of this week.


Will be exhibited > The paintings will be exhibited till the end of this week.

Contoh untuk soal no. 5-10:

Rubah bentuk kalimat active voice menjadi passive voice.


Andreas is preparing the report.


That report is being prepared by Andreas.

1. In recent riots, a lot of shop windows (break) by the mob.

2. The young woman (employ) by this institute are all university graduates.

3. The government used to support school. Nowadays, they (support) by private funds as well as by the tuition the students pay.

4. Husen: “You look very happy today.”
Hasan: “Don’t you know that I (promote) to general manager.”

5. Tara opens the door.

6. Tara has opened the door.

7. Tara will open the door.

8. Jodie writes a letter.

9. Jodie is writing a letter.

10. Jodie will write a letter.


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