Latihan soal passive voices 6

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1. Erick and Tina are both excellent guitarists. The song “The Game of Mirrors” are composed by ____ both.
2. We tried but that window couldn’t ____
3. Jane’s shoes ____ yesterday. They look clean now.
4. A promotion ____ Watson yesterday. I think he deserves it. He’s the hardest worker in our department.
5. They must ____ after working for 8 hours straight.
6. It’s late but dad hasn’t come back from work. I ____ him.
7. Emma hates rock climbing because she ____ height.
8. Diana is not a Muslim but she ____ learning Arabic.
9. Two people ____ in the accident. They were taken to hospital by an ambulance.
10. This jacket ____ cotton. You shouldn’t wear it for an outdoor activity in winter because cotton gets cold when it’s wet and it takes a long time to dry.


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