Latihan soal passive voices 22

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1. I ____ about my father's death before my mother.
2. Someone wrote this report last week. This report ____ last week.
3. Finally he decided to come back and live in the house of his parents which ____ by his aunt.
4. The people next door disappeared 6 months ago. They ____ since then.
5. It is winter. Everything ____ with snow.
6. The men ____ after the explosion.
7. -"Did someone throw those letters away?"
-"Yes, but it was a mistake. They ____ away."
8. A.: Was there any trouble at the yesterday's demonstration?
B.: Yes, about twenty people ____ .
9. Mike didn't have his car yesterday. It ____ at the station.
10. You can't come in. She ____ for the TV.


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