Contoh latihan soal TOEFL "vocabulary extension" (Part 1)

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Find similiar word(s) from the underlined words below.

1. She despises

everything about seafood.

a. hates
b. likes
c. allergic
d. searches

2. The victims of that major accident are screaming in anguish


a. very loud and clear
b. pain
c. the scene
d. whisper

3. Jacky dozed

when he was on the bus.

a. talked
b. played
c. took a nap
d. sight seeing

4. It is hard for him to mingle

with other people since he is a shy person.

a. mix
b. talk
c. enjoy
d. eat

5. A large number of people adore

Princess Diana for her kindness and affection towards others.

a. help
b. care of
c. recognize
d. love

6. We should continue

sailing to the shore before the weather gets worse.

a. keep on
b. keep in
c. keep off
d. keep back

7. You should make up for

your missing lecture.

a. come to
b. make a compensation for
c. regret
d. remembered

8. The producer turned down

my demo record.

a. accepted
b. considered
c. declined
d. bought

9. We have to reduce

our expenses to get more profit.

a. cut off
b. cut away
c. cut under
d. cut down

10. In the Maharajah class, you can put your feet up on the seat

because they have reclining seats.

a. lie down
b. lift your feet on towards your head
c. sit
d. kneel down

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zeze renata
Posts: 133
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