Contoh latihan soal TOEFL "labels and ads" (Part 1)

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(Question 1-5)

For Sale

BMW M45 '98 New Model
Black w/ dark orange interior
Sophisticated audio system
$10.000 or best offer
Call 331-232 from dusk till dawn. Ask for Jacky Smith.

1. What the color is the car?

a. orange
b. dark
c. dark orange
d. black

2. It may be concluded that Jacky probably will.....

a. not sell his car less than $10.0000
b. sell his car more than $10.0000
c. sell to a buyer who offers her $9.750 if no one offers her more
d. sell his car exactly for $10.000 only

3. What do you think the word "sophisticated" means?

a. using up to date technology
b. complicated
c. accessory
d. dingy

4. What time is allowed for the buyers to make a call?

a. night only
b. morning only
c. from morning until late at night
d. from morning until evening

5. Where likely can you find such a notice?

a. a classified ad
b. an obituary
c. an editorial
d. a news item

(Question 6-10)

Full Time Drivers


You must have clean driving license
Must be of smart appearance
Aged over 25
Apply to
Cape Taxis
17 Palace Road
No later than 20th of March

6. The words "full time" has the closest meaning to.....

a. able to work from Monday till Saturday
b. able to work twenty four hours
c. able to work without leave time for another work or leisure
d. always ready anytime

7. It can be concluded that the applicants should have an age of.....

a. of under twenty years old
b. of more that twenty years old
c. of exactly twenty years old
d. not mentioned on text

8. The words "clean driving license" means.....

a. the driving license appears clean
b. never had accidents before
c. a good driver
d. never been given ticket by the police

9. What does "appearance" mean?

a. performance
b. behavior
c. look
d. good looking

10. The phrase "no later than 20th of March" in the text above means.....

a. that the application should be received before 20th of March
b. that the application is still being considered after 20th of March
c. that the application has to be received at 20th of March
d. that the application should be received after 20th of March

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