Contoh latihan soal TOEFL "the correct phrase" (part 1)

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Tanya pertanyaan apapun


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Fill in the gaps with the correct phrase.

Phrases with "way"

in the way, on the way, in this way, by the way, in a way

  1. I've been very busy lately. I don't think I can take some days off. The workload is .....
  2. ..... to the office, we dropped the children at the toy store.
  3. ....., do you know any forwarder that might give their schedule one month in advance?
  4. Professor Buttons is very demanding. ....., he wants perfect paper work submitted to him.
  5. Mary Ann is a very friendly student. ....., she gains lots of attention from her peers.

Phrases with "knock"

knocked off, knocking off, knocks over, knocked out, knocks off

  1. The shop gives a discount of 10% from all its goods. It ..... everything ..... by 10%.
  2. I ..... early yesterday. I had to rush home because my wife called that we had a burglary in the house.
  3. That child can't manage his balance. He ..... everything he passes by.
  4. I ..... the glass ..... the table and broke it to pieces.
  5. What a shame! The old lady ..... the smuggler that attacked her.

;font-size: 14pt">Phrases with "put"

put up, put out, put on, put ..... up, put off

  1. Don't ..... until tomorrow what you can do today.
  2. Who's going to ..... you ..... for the night while you're in London?
  3. The scout ..... the fire and went to sleep.
  4. ..... your coat and let's get out form here fast.
  5. They ..... their tent in the middle of the field without permission and made the farmer angry.
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