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Soal-soal preposition (exercise 5)

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Complete the blank space with at, on, or at appropriately.
(Lengkapilah kalimat berikut dengan at, on, atau at dengan tepat.)

  1. It was too hot ____ Ratu’s house. She has the heating too hot.
  2. When did you arrive ____ the station?
  3. I didn’t see you ____ the party, where were you?
  4. Many people are ____ prison for crimes that they did not commit.
  5. Our flight was delayed. We had to wait ____ the airport for four hours.
  6. Prabu is a student ____ Bandung Institute of Technology.
  7. I didn’t feel very well this morning, so I stayed the whole morning ____ the bed.
  8. Are there good movies ____ the theatre this week?
  9. I like the countryside and the fresh air. I think I’d like to work ____ a farm.
  10. Did you get good scores when you were ____ elementary school?

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