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Soal-soal preposition (exercise 1)

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Choose the words in bracket based on the given context.
(Pilihlah preposisi dalam kurung yang tepat sesuai dengan konteks yang diberikan.)

  1. (In/on/at) Sunday afternoon I usually go for a walk in the cuountry.
  2. It’s very large house. It’s divided (into/onto/off) four flats.
  3. Ratu doesn’t write (to/for/at/on) her parents very often but she phoned (at/on/in/for/to) least once a week.
  4. Ratu liked the dress, but (in/on/of/ffom) my opinion it didn’t suit her.
  5. There are some differences (of/between/among/into/inside) British English and American English.
  6. ‘When do you get paid?’ ‘(on/at/in) the end of the month.
  7. Do you like sugar (in/into/onto/on) your coffee?
  8. You’ll find the cups (on/in/at) the top shelf.
  9. Write your name (on/in/at/for) the back of this piece of paper.
  10. Prabu lives in a small village (in/on/at) the mountains.
  11. In Indonesia we drive (on/in/at) the left.
  12. Tom’s grandmother died (in/on/at) 1999 (on/in/at) the age of 98.
  13. I’ll phone you (on/in/at) Monday morning (in/on/at) about 7 o’clock, okay?
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