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Soal-soal quantitative modifiers (exercise 1)

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Lengkapi kalimat berikut dengan few, a few, little atau a little sesuai dengan konteks yang ada.

  1. Hurry up! We’ve got ____ time.
  2. He’s not popular. He has ____ friends.
  3. Let’s go and have a drink. We’ve ____ time before the train leaves.
  4. ‘Have you got any money?’—‘Yes. ____ Do you want to borrow some?’
  5. I enjoy my life here. I have ____ friends and we meet quite often
  6. ‘When did you last see Prabu?’—‘____days ago.’
  7. Hurry up! We’ve only got ____ time.
  8. The village was very small. There were only ____houses.
  9. We didn’t have any money but Ratu had ____.
  10. He doesn’t speak much English. Only ____ words.
  11. Nora’s father died ____ years ago.
  12. ‘Would you like some more cake?’—Yes, please, but only ____.'
  13. This town isn’t very well-known and there isn’t much to see, so ____ tourists come here.
  14. I don’t think Ratu would be a good teacher. She’s got ____ patience with children.
  15. This is not the first time the car has broken down. It has happened ____ times before.
  16. The cinema was almost empty. There were very ____ people there.
  17. There is a shortage of water because there has been very ____ rain recently.
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uus suparna
Posts: 39
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