Contoh soal UAS (uj...

Contoh soal UAS (ujian akhir sekolah) bahasa Inggris kelas 6 SD/MI

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My School

This is my school. The headmaster is in the office. There is a library near a classroom; My school has a schoolyard and a toilet. In the yard there is a flag. There is a teacher in front of the classroom and there are students in the garden.

1. Where is the headmaster? He is in ........

A. the classroom
B. the office
C. library
D. toilet

2. There is a ... near a classrom.

A. classrom
B. office
C. library
D. toilet

3. My school has ........

A. a schoolyard and a toilet
B. a classroom
C. toilet and waitingroom
D. toilet and bench .

4. Who is in front of classroom? He is ........

A. headmaster
B. a teacher
C. student
D. schoolguard


Hotel is a place for travelers to stay. People need the place to live in several days, weeks or month. When we are going to stay at the hotel, we have to register our name to the receptionist in front of the office.

5. Hotel is place for ........

A. receptionist
B. porter
C. traveler
D. room boy

6. People need the place to live at the hotel for ........

A. several days
B. all days
C. all month
D. all weeks

7. What does the receptionist do?
The receptionist ........

A. Sweps the floor
B. register our name
C. guides us to our room
D. serves us some food

8. It is a ........

A. windi
B. cloudy
C. rainy day
D. suny day

9. What season if thhw trees, houses and land become wet? It is ........

A. dry season
B. rainy season
C. windy
D. cloudy

10. This is Mr. Koko. He is ........

A. teacher
B. soldier
C. policeman
D. schoolguard

11. Lala is studying English in the classroom. She is a ........

A. student
B. singer
C. actress
D. athlete

12. Ucil and Pampam are playing in the yard. They are playing ........

A. football
B. marbles
C. cricket
D. kite

13. The boys are in the field. They are ... football.

A. play
B. plays
C. played
D. playing

14. Agil ... playing computer game.

A. has
B. am
C. are
D. is

15. Josua has ........

A. two cocks
B. two ducks
C. two bird
D. two hens

16. Is this a bird? ... It is a butterfly

A. Yes, it is
B. Yes, it is not
C. No, it is not
D. No, it is

17. Mr. Akbar has many hens. His hens give him some ........

A. milk
B. Feather
C. Eggs
D. Skin

18. This food is ........

A. jelly
B. water
C. cake
D. ice cream

19. Do you like chocolate? Yes, ........

A. I done
B. 1 does
C. I did
D. I do

20. My mother ... in the kitchen everyday.

A. cooks
B. cook
C. cooked
D. cooking

21. eating - like -some - I cake

A. I like some eating cake
B. I eating like some cake
C. I like eating some cake
D. I like some cake eating

22. Where is Mrs. Emi going ? She is going to the ........

A. office
B. market
C. movie
D. school

23. Where can you get any food if you hungry? I can get some food in ........

A. hospital
B. school
C. post office
D. restaurant

24. How do you go to Surabaya I go there by ........

A. train
B. car
C. plane
D. boat

25. have - lunch - we - to - want

A. We have to want lunch
B. We lunch to have want
C. We want to lunch have
D. We want to have lunch

26. Mr. Maman is explaining the lesson in classroom. He is a ........

A. doctor
B. farmer
C. teacher
D. typist

27. A nurse work at a ........

A. library
B. office
C. school
D. hospital

28. Mr. Hamid brings a truck. He is a ........

A. driver
B. pilot
C. sailor
D. mechanic

29. Mr. Cule is working. He makes table, chairs and cupboard.
He also makes doors and windows. He is ........

A. gardener
B. barber
C. baker
D. carpenter

30. Mr. Undang is careful. He is not ........

A. angry
B. stupid
C. careless
D. bad - tempered

31. Everybody like Miss. Bela Safira, because sheds ........

A. pretty
B. lazy
C. ugly
D. careless

32. How many planets in space? There area ........

A. eight
B. nine
C. ten
D. eleven

33. You save your money in the ........

A. laboratory
B. workshop
C. bank
D. supermarket

34. We do riot live on the moon, but we live on the ........

A. earth
B. sun
C. comet
D. star

35. The nearest planet to the sun is Mercury and the farthest is ........

A. Pluto
B. Mars
C. Jupiter
D. Venus

36. The satellite of the earth is called moon. The moon goes round the ........

A. star
B. earth
C. sun
D. mars

37. the - is - where - bank?

A. Where is the bank?
B. Where the bank is?
C. Is where the bank?
D. Where the is bank?

38. Pangandaran is locate in ........

A. East Java
B. Central Java
C. West Java
D. Bali

39. The month after March is ........

A. July
B. May
C. April
D. June

40. The most beautiful souvenir in Bali is ........

A. handicraft
B. statue
C. puppet
D. pottery

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