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Latihan soal pilihan ganda tentang conjunction (kata sambung)

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Tanya pertanyaan apapun


della rahma
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Jawab pertanyaan seputar conjunction di bawah ini.

1. Learning to play a musical instrument often motivates a child to be disciplined and focused, ______ it can impart a feeling of social worth.

A. because

B. and

C. so

D. moreover

2. ______ the bad weather, he still chooses to go by Ferry.

A. Although

B. However

C. Despite

D. While

3. The play performed by Theater Garuda was good, _____ it could have been improved by adding the sound effects.

A. thus

B. and

C. but if

D. or

4. Rio continued playing game ______ he heard his mother calling.

A. although

B. as soon as

C. after

D. because

5. The farmers exterminate rodents in their farmland ______ they damage the crops.

A. if

B. though

C. however

D. as

 6. ______ the global economic crisis, many labors lost their job.
A. because of
B. because
C. despite
D. in spite of  

7. It is generally considered unwise to give a child ______ he or she wants.
A. that
B. whatever that
C. whatever is it
D. whatever
8. Since there are many complaints about the new products, the company _____ the products now.
A. is recalling
B. recalls
C. recalled
D. has recalled
9. Before ______, they used horse-drawn wooden carts.
A. farmers have had tractors
B. tractors owned by farmers
C. having tractors farmers
D. farmers had tractors

10. _______ being very rich, he never shows off.
A. Other than
B. Instead
C. Despite
D. Otherwise 

11. _____________ I had my lunch, I didn’t miss Pizza.
A. Although
B. Moreover
C. Finally
D. Already
12. He never helps anyone _________ having a lot of money
A. otherwise
B. however
C. inspite of
D. instead
13. My mother _______ I went to the market for shopping
 A. Or
B. either
C. neither
D. and
14. Rudi was not telling the truth. ________ he was shouting at me
A. Provided
B. Moreover
C. Although
D. In other to
15. Eko worked very sincerely and was ______________ promoted
A. Yet
B. Beside
C. Although
D. Consequently
16. She apologized _______ her bad behavior
A. For
B. Because
C. Since
D. As 
17.  He was satisfied ________ not overjoyed

A. Yet
B. But
C. As
D. Still
18. ___________ his sister, he is very naughty
A. Likely
B. Similar
C. Unlike
D. Differently
19. After months of studying hard, Rima ____________ cleared IAS examination.
A. Initially
B. Therefore
C. Consequently
D. Finally
20. ___________ my mom was sleeping, I prepared tea on my own
A. As
B. Unless
C. Beside
D. Despite

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della rahma
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