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Contoh soal phrasal verb (Part 1)

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Jawab dengan benar soal-soal phrasal verb di bawah ini.

  1. I always agree (on/with/to) my mom about that thing.
  2. According (with/on/to) the news, the government has successfully overcome the crisis.
  3. A baby sitter looked (for/after/in) the baby while her mother went shopping.
  4. The students must hand (in/on/to) their assignment by Wednesday.
  5. Many people sided (at/with/on) John's opinion.
  6. I have to consult (to/at/with) my wife before making a decision.
  7. You are not allowed to smoke in this area. Please put (on/out/in) your cigarette.
  8. Mr. and Mrs. Kingston are very happy (about/with/in) their new house.
  9. Everyone in the class laughed (on/to/at) George because of his silly behaviour.
  10. Dan is always interested (with/about/in) studying mathematics.
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