Contoh latihan soal bahasa Inggris indirect speech

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Change into Indirect Speech (Ubah menjadi kalimat ucapan tidak langsung)

  1. Gina is a new student here.
  2. She studies English.
  3. They play games in that room.
  4. James watches news on tv.
  5. I don’t have any brother.
  6. Do you go to school?
  7. Are you in library?
  8. Where do you buy this bag?
  9. How old are you?
  10. Stop playing!
  11. Does he play game?
  12. Is she a student?
  13. I am not in canteen.
  14. Don’t be noisy!
  15. Come in.
  16. Open this door.
  17. We are in holiday.
  18. Lucy is smart person.
  19. Don’t go away!
  20. Nina writes a novel.
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Kunci jawaban

  1. She told me that Gina was a new student there.
  2. He said that she studied English.
  3. My brother told him that they played games in that room.
  4. He said that James watched news on tv.
  5. I said that I didn’t have any brother.
  6. My mother asked me if I went to school.
  7. My friend asked me if I was in library.
  8. She asked me where I bought that bag.
  9. He asked me how old I was.
  10. My mother told to stop playing.
  11. He asked me if he played game.
  12. I said if she was a student.
  13. I said that I was not in canteen.
  14. Teacher told not to be noisy.
  15. He told to come in.
  16. He said to open that door.
  17. I said that we were in holiday.
  18. Tom said that Lucy was smart person.
  19. She told me not to go away.
  20. I said that she wrote a novel.