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Latihan soal bahasa Inggris menentukan penggunaan high dan tall (part 1)

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I don't like the ____ buildings.
2.My husband is so ____.
3.Your dreams are so ____.
4.Is it too ____ for you? so you can not achieve your goal?
5.She like the mountains, because they are so ____.
6.He climbs ____ hill.
7.My father is not too ____.
8.I like see the lamps in ____ building.
9.The ruler is so ____.
10.She doesn't like ____ people.
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Kunci jawaban:

  1. I don't like the tall buildings. (B) tall.

  2. My husband is so tall. (B) tall.

  3. Your dreams are so high. (A) high.

  4. Is it too high for you? So you cannot achieve your goal? (A) high.

  5. She likes the mountains because they are so high. (A) high.

  6. He climbs a high hill. (A) high.

  7. My father is not too tall. (B) tall.

  8. I like to see the lamps in high buildings. (A) high.

  9. The ruler is so tall. (B) tall.

  10. She doesn't like tall people. (B) tall.