Latihan soal tenses 10

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1. Sari ____ to school with her friends at 06.30 a.m. tomorrow.
2. ____ discussed before the director proposed it.
3. She ____ at me when she saw me at the airport.
4. Berta: "Can I have your report soon?"
Jono: "Sure, I ____ it before you go to the meeting."
5. "When do you plan to get married?"
"After ____ school."
6. Mother ____ the food by the time the children come home.
7. The children are watching TV now because they ____ theit homework.
8. I ____ the street when it began to rain.
9. The team ____ along the river-bank when they, accidentally, found a bug cave.
10. Dian and Harris hardly ever join our class discussion, ____?


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