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1.At 10 a.m. next Monday, Linda and I ____ our paper in front of the class.
2.Fred will be at the meeting tomorrow. I think Jane ____too.
3.Jesse is very persistent. She ____ right there until Eric comes out.
4.Tom is really smart. He can solve the most difficult math problem in just five minutes. He ____ his homework by the time we arrive.
5.A: Can I come to your house next Sunday?
B: Sure. Just don’t come between 6 and 7 a.m. I ____ at that time.
6.I was standing outside the restaurant when that car ____
7.A: Why didn’t you open the door last night?
B: I’m sorry. I ____ shen you came. I didn’t hear you knocked it.
8.In the last 20 years, the world ____ so much.
9.Last night, Tom and Sam has a free time, so they ____ to the movie.
10.The rain ____. Let’s go home!
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