Latihan soal tenses 11

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1. "When did the accident happen?"
"When the goods ____ from the truck."
2. Ahmad: Mah, what were you doing when I phoned your mother last night?
Halimah : I ____ TV
3. I was sleeping when my father ____ the announcement about me in the radio.
4. Rina ____ a bath when I phoned her.
5. "Could you tell brother to meet me at the library tomorrow? `Sure, I ____ him."
6. Daru: What are you going to do after leaving the college?
Dimas : Well, I don't want to be jobless. So I'm ____ getting a job soon.
7. "Oh, dear! I forgot to bring my dictionary."
"That's all right. I ____ you mine."
8. "What is your plan for this weekend?"
"I ___ my brother."
9. Yusniar: "I plan to see 'the ghost' with Tina."
Supriadi: "When ____ it?"
10. Father: Are you sure you will pass'?
Riana: Believe me, Dad. I'll do better in the next examination.


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