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Reflexive pronouns dan contohnya dalam bahasa inggris

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Reflexive pronouns biasnaya digunakan jika subyek dan obyek merupakan kata benda yang sama. Kata ganti ini fungsinya hanya sebagai obyek dari kata kerja atau preposisi.

Berikut ini adalah reflexive pronouns dalam bahasa Inggris:

Subject Pronouns Reflexive Pronouns
I Myself
You Yourself
They Themself
We Ourself
He Himself
She Herself
It Itself


  • I stand in front of a mirror. I'm looking at myself. (Aku berdiri di depan kaca. Aku sedang memandangi diriku.)
  • Elly is angry at herself for doing such a stupid mistake. (Elly marah pada dirinya sendiri karena telah melakukan kesalahan konyol.)

Latihan soal pronouns

Come at ____ time ____ is convenient to ____ .
But now we are both happy and we love ____ .
Michel can only guess ____ ____ think.
____ met ____ in the street and ____ told ____ all about it.
It was clear they loved ____ .
- ____ is your daughter?
- ____ is an English teacher.
He was very angry because he couldn't find the report ____ .
____ of you can play the piano?
There is the man ____ ____ saw in the park the other day.
At last we've found our book, but where is ____?