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Pengertian Adverb of Perspective dan Contohnya  

markes widodo
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Adverb of Perspective merupakan kata keterangan yang menjelaskan pendapat, sikap, sudut pandang pembicara dalam suatu kalimat. Adverb of perspective yang sering digunakan seperti:

  • actually
  • in fact
  • really
  • apparently
  • certainly
  • clearly
  • evidently
  • obviously
  • presumably
  • probably
  • undoubtly
  • definitely
  • perhaps
  • surely
  • possibly
  • admittedly
  • unfortunaletly
  • frankly
  • honestly
  • unluckily
  • naturally
  • officially

dan masih banyak lagi.

Contoh penggunaanya dalam kalimat:

  • Honestly, Tom didn't get the money.
  • They certainly work hard.
  • They have presumably sold their house.
  • Apparently he knew the town well.
  • He knew the town well apparently.