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Macam-macam bentuk kata kerja (verb form) dalam bahasa Inggris

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Bagaimana macam-macam bentuk kata kerja (verb form) dalam bahasa Inggris?

Ada beberapa bentuk verba (kata kerja) dalam bahasa Inggris yang perlu diketahui, berikut adalah macam-macam bentuk verba beserta contohnya:

1. Verba bentuk dasar (basic verb)


  • Walk please!
  • Hear me please!
  • Cook the vegetable!
  • Sing a song please!

2. Verba berkala kini (present tense)


  • She walks to the school.
  • They walk on the street.
  • You take that pen from him.

3. Verba bentuk progresif (progressive form)


  • She was sleeping when her mother came.
  • We are coming soon
  • They are leaving for Bandung.
  • She is studying soon.

4. Verba berkala lampau (past tense)

  • They went to the mosque.
  • I worked for a foreign company.
  • I slept soundly last night.
  • The student spelled the letters.
  • Bambang stopped smoking.

5. Verba beraspek perfek (perfect form)


  • I have been in Jakarta for six years.
  • She has gone to Surabaya recently.
  • They had a lot of money.
  • You have done the job well.
  • We have taken bath.
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