Perbedaan 'should',...

Perbedaan 'should', 'would', 'could', dan contoh kalimatnya

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Apa perbedaan 'should', 'would', dan 'could' serta bagaimana contoh kalimatnya?


Should digunakan ketika kita memberi saran, rekomendasi dan kewajiban serta suatu hal yang mungkin akan terjadi. Should digunakan pada kalimat present tense dan future tense.

Should hampir sama dengan must, namun pernyataannya tidak sekuat must.


  • You should always bring a sunblock when you go out swimming.
  • Once the pack is opened, the chicken inside should be consumed within five days.
  • Should I tell him that his girlfriend is cheating on him? | Yeah I think you should.

Should dapat digunakan bersama have + past participle sewaktu kita berbicara tentang masa lalu yang tidak terjadi, namun seharusnya terjadi.

Should have + past participle digunakan ketika jika membicarakan suatu harapan dan mengacu kepada masa lalu.

Contoh :

"You should try to smoke less, Bobby. Your health is getting worse," said Lisa. Lalu beberapa tahun berlalu, Bobby dan Lisa kembali bertemu."I should have given up smoking years ago, Lisa. If I had, I wouldn't be in such bad shape now," said Bobby.


Would digunakan jika kita membicarakan situasi yang sesungguhnya tidak terjadi, yang dapat timbul sekarang atau di masa depan.

Kita menggunakan past tense di if-clause and would + infinite di main clause.


  • How would you manage, if I wasn't here to help you?
  • Well, I would manage somehow. I would go out to eat or bring home a take-away. I would ask your mother to help me with the cleaning.

Jika kita ingin mengacu kepada masa lalu dan membuat pernyataan mengenai peristiwa yang tidak terjadi, kita gunakan had + past participle di if-clause dan would have di main clause.


  • If he had taken his umbrella, he would have stayed dry.


Could dapat digunakan untuk meminta izin, mengajukan permintaan, dan menyatakan kemampuan di masa lalu.

  • Could I borrow your black dress for the dinner tomorrow?
  • Could you do me a favour and pick my children up from the school?
  • I could already speak three languages by the time I was eight.

Bagaimana dengan could have? Could have dipakai untuk membicarakan masa lalu dan mengacu kepada hal yang dapat dilakukan seseorang di masa lalu, namun tidak/tidak berhasil dilakukan.

  • I could have gone to that university, if I'd passed the exam.
  • If he had trained harder, I'm sure he could have completed the swim.