Perbedaan 'may' dengan 'might' dan contoh kalimatnya

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Sedikit memberikan gambaran perbedaan 'may' dengan 'might' dan contoh penggunaannya dalam kalimat.



  • Possibility (menyatakan kemungkinan besar yang dapat terjadi). Contoh:
    • It may rain tonight.
    • You may have a little difficulty driving at night.
    • We may go to London for vacation, if we can still afford it.
  • Permission (permisi/ijin). Contoh:
    • May I borrow your pencil?
    • May I help you with that?
  • Expressing a wish or hope. Contoh:
    • May you both be very happy.
    • May God bless you!



  • Possibility (menyatakan kemungkinan yang dapat terjadi, atau dapat juga tidak terjadi). Dalam hal ini derajat kemungkinannya lebih rendah dari may. Contoh:
    • They might come tonight.
    • The homework might have been too difficult for them.
    • I might have gone to school there, but because I didn’t have enough money, I started working instead.
    • If you go to bed earlier, you might feel better tomorrow.
  • Permission (permisi/ijin). Might lebih formal daripada may. Contoh:
    • Might I go now?
    • Might I borrow your pen?
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