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Kapan kita bisa menggunakan "must" sebagai modal?

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Kita bisa menggunakan modal "must" untuk menyatakan situasi berikut ini:

1. Keharusan mutlak

Dalam hal ini ‘must’ maknanya lebih kuat ketimbang ‘should’. Dengan menggunakan should, orang mempunyai pilihan: melakukan atau tidak; tapi dengan must, orang tidak punya pilihan.

  • Setiawan must call his boss today (Setiawan harus menelepon bossnya hari ini)= it is necessary for Setiawan to call his boss today.
  • A car must have gasoline to run (Mobil harus punya bensin untuk bisa berjalan) = it is obligatory for car to have gasoline to run.

2. Kesimpulan logis

Must digunakan untuk menyatakan bahwa si pembicara menganggap sesuatu itu benar adanya berdasarkan fakta yang ada tapi kebenaran ini tidak harus mutlak.

  • Rudy’s lights are out. He must be a sleep. (Lampu Rudi mati. Dia pasti sedang tidur.)
  • The grass is wet. It must be raining. (Rerumputan basah. Itu pasti hujan.)
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Latihan soal modals

A : I wonder why Jenny didn’t answer the doorbell.
B : Well, I suppose she ..... been a sleep.
You ..... T-shirt school. That is prohibited.
Why didn’t Charly apply for the job? He ..... gotten it.
My brother break a glass in the kitchen, so he ..... clean it or he will be punished.
If I have problems with my teeth, I think I ..... go to a dentist, not a veterinarian.
I can’t find my bag anywhere. I’m sure I ..... left it in my room.
A lot of students didn’t pass the English test yesterday. The test ..... difficult.
He ..... his homework by the time the teacher come to the class.
He went by bus, but he ..... by motorcycle.
I have lived in England for two years, I ..... speak English fluently.


Latihan soal must, have to, should

Your daughter ____ stop eating sweets. It's not good for her health.
We ____ collect our project by tomorrow to get A in Biology.
They ____ park here. There is a "NO PARKING" sign.
Students ____ eat in classroom.
It's a casual event. We ____ wear formal dress.
Keenan is getting married. He ____ be very happy. He smiles all day.
You ____ eat more fruits and vegetables for your diet menu.
I think you ____ visit my parents this weekend. They say they miss you.
You have final exams tomorrow. You ____ study to get a good mark.
All students ____ come to school at 7 a.m.