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Penjelasan seputar phrasal modal dan contohnya

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Phrasal modals adalah ungkapan umum berbentuk frasa kata kerja yang mempunyai makna yang sama dengan basic modals.

Misalnya, be going to mempunyai makna yang sama dengan will. Berikut adalah phrasal modals dalam bahasa Inggris:

  • Be able to
  • Be going to
  • Be supposed to
  • Have to
  • Need to
  • Have got to
  • Used to
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Latihan soal modals

Nina doesn’t need to go to school today because she is seriously ill. This means that Nina ____ go to school.
If you are interested in human life, you ____ study biology.
Mom and Dad just left for the airport twenty minutes ago, so they ____ there yet.
Joni ____ do this difficult question item since he is so clever.
The man standing over there asked me whether he ____ the flowers from my garden.
John ____ play tennis really well. He's champion of his club.
I ____ open this window! I think it's stuck.
You had better ____ about that offer carefully. Good opportunity doesn’t come twice.
X: David was absent yesterday. Do you have any idea where he was?
Y: I don’t know. He ____ attended a family business or something.
I read the book three times, but I ____ understand it.