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Pengertian basic modal dan macamnya

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Apa itu basic modal?

Basic modal adalah modal dalam arti sesungguhnya yaitu kata dasar yang memang berfungsi sebagai auxiliaries (kata kerja bantu). Berikut ini adalah yang termasuk dalam basic modals:

  1. can
  2. could
  3. had better
  4. may
  5. might
  6. must
  7. Ought to
  8. shall
  9. should
  10. will
  11. would
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Latihan soal modals

You ..... T-shirt school. That is prohibited.
He ..... his homework by the time the teacher come to the class.
The man standing over there asked me whether he ____ the flowers from my garden.
I could not found the museum you told me about. I ____ the wrong bus.
Every students ____ come late to the class.
Linda: “Mom, there is a good movie on the 21 cinema. ____?”
Mother: “Yes, but don’t be late for for dinner, Ok?”
Linda: “Sure, Mom. Thanks.”
A : I wonder why Jenny didn’t answer the doorbell.
B : Well, I suppose she ..... been a sleep.
She's seven years old, but she ____ read yet. Her parents are getting her extra lessons.
My friend is getting married today. She ____ feel very nervous.
John's a millionaire. He ____ go to work.