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15 contoh kalimat konjungsi bertingkat (subordinate conjuction)

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Bagaimana contoh kalimat konjungsi bertingkat (subordinate conjuction) bahasa Inggris?

Berikut adalah 15 contoh kalimat konjungsi bertingkat (subordinate conjuction).

1. Accordingly : karena itu
Contoh : STAN is famous college in indonesia; accordingly many students wants to study there.

2. After all : bagaimanapun juga
Contoh : There are many good school; after all our school is the best.

3. All the same : namun demikian
Contoh : The government has given them a new market places; all the same some of them keep selling
their things at dirty place.

4. Consequently : akibatnya
Contoh : His father died five years ago; consequently all the responsiblities to raise the children fell or his

5. For = Since = because = as = Karena
Contoh : Everyone is looking for him, for he is the only person who knows where the keys is.

6. Hence : karena alasan itu, dengan demikian, mulai saat ini.
Contoh : He was born when his parents woerked in Irian, hence he is named Irianto.

7. In order that : supaya
Contoh : We must study hard;in order that we can pass the exam.

8. In case : kalau-kalau
Contoh : You’d better take an umbrella;in case it rains.

9. In the meantime : sementara itu, dalam waktu yang bersamaan.
Contoh : Go to the shop and buy me a magazine;in the mean time I’ll take bath.

10. Moreover = futhermore = lagipula = terlabih lagi
Contoh : Desy is beautiful; moreover she is very bright.

11. Namely : yaitu
Contoh : There is only one student who fails the exam,namely Lena.

12. Nevertheless : however = namun demikian
Contoh : She is poor;nevertheless she is happy.

13. On the contrary = on the other hand = sebaliknya
Contoh : He loves rock music; on the contrary his father hates very much.

14. Otherwise : jika tidak
Contoh : Please study hard;otherwise you’ll fail the exam.

15. Say : taruhlah
Contoh : Can you lend me money;say five thousand rupiahs.