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Pengertian subordinating conjunction dan contohnya

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Apa itu subordinating conjunction?

Subordinating conjunction adalah kata yang menghubungkan independent clause (kalimat utama) dengan dependent clause (anak kalimat). Kebanyakan subordinating conjunctions terdiri dari 1 kata tapi ada juga yang terdiri dari beberapa kata.

Kata-kata yang digolongkan sebagai subordinating conjunctions yaitu:

  • Subordinating conjunction yang menggambarkan hubungan waktu: after, as soon as, as long as, before, once, still, till, until, when, whenever, while. Contoh:
    • You can watch TV after you finish your homework.
    • Once his contract is finished, he will be free to do anything he likes.
    • While he were sleeping, someone broke into his house and took all his money.
  • Subordinating conjunction yang menggambarkan hubungan tempat: where, wherever. Contoh:
    • You can sit wherever you want to.
    • She lives right behind the alley where someone was killed last week.
  • Subordinating conjunction yang menggambarkan hubungan syarat / kondisi: if, even if, in case, provided that, unless, otherwise, or else, supposing. Contoh:
    • You cannot enter that club unless the club member gives you an invitation.
    • If you want to pass this exam, you should study very hard.
    • Supposing I pass the exam, what will you give me as reward?
  • Subordinating conjunction yang menggambarkan hubungan sebab-akibat: as, because, in order that, since, so that. Contoh:
    • I can live until this day because he saved me.
    • He works hard so that he can get the incentives from his boss.
    • Since no one is around, he tries to steal Mrs. Jane’s car.
  • Subordinating conjunction yang menggambarkan hubungan pertentangan: although, even though, though, whereas, while. Contoh:
    • Although/even though/though Sarah’s parents have advised her to take local college, she insists to study abroad.
    • I have resemblance with my father whereas my sister has resemblance with my mother.

Latihan soal conjunctions

____ I had my lunch, I didn’t miss Pizza.
The heating was full on, but ____ this the house was still cold.
____ I had planned everything carefully, a lot of things went wrong.
You may enter the room ____ stay outside.
He is not only a good teacher ____ also a great writer.
Anita found ____ the ring she had lost ____ her favourite necklace. I could see that she was the happiest person on that day.
Sarah goes to the gym five times a week, for ____.
Irma didn’t want to continue her study ____ took a job instead.
Learning to play a musical instrument often motivates a child to be disciplined and focused, ____ it can impart a feeling of social worth.
She was late for the meeting, ____ she went home.