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Perbedaan though, tough, through, thorough, taught, dan thought  


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Apa ya bedanya through, though, thought, tough, thorough, taught?. Yuk kita liat bedanya.

Though - walaupun/meskipun.

Contoh: Though they're divorced, they still live together in that same house.

Catatan: "Tho" adalah bentuk singkat yang biasa dipakai untuk menulis "though", hanya digunakan secara kasual. Bisa diartikan: meskipun/biarpun begitu. "Tho" hanya diletakkan di akhir kalimat.

Contoh: It's very hot. I can't stop eating it tho (though).

Arti: (Makanan ini) sangat pedas. Meskipun begitu aku tidak bisa berhenti memakannya.

Tough - keras.

Contoh: You wouldn't be able to cut that tough stone with a small chisel.

Tough (meat) - (daging yg) keras/alot.

Contoh: That roast beef is too tough for him, he's only got a couple of teeth left.

Tough - susah.

Contoh: Though I've studied hard and barely get any sleep, the test was just too tough.

Through - melewati.

Contoh: The lovely couple walk hand in hand through the rose garden.

Thorough - secara keseluruhan/menyeluruh.

Contoh: After a thorough search, they found two packets of drugs in his room.

Taught - mengajar (v2 of teach).

Contoh: My parents taught me not to talk to strangers, and to be polite to others.

Thought - pikiran/pemikiran.

Contoh: Twitter is a place to share one's thoughts in less than 140 characters.

Semoga bermanfaat ya :)

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