25 contoh singkatan...

25 contoh singkatan bahasa Inggris untuk chatting, medsos, dan forum online

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Apa saja singkatan bahasa Inggris yang biasa dipakai saat chatting di media sosial?

Berikut ini beberapa singkatan bahasa Inggris yang sering digunakan saat chatting, pakai medsos, dan diskusi di forum online.

  1. ATM = at the moment. "I'm doing the assignment atm."
  2. BBL = be back later. "I want to eat first, bbl."
  3. BTDT = been there, done that. "Yea it must be hurt to be cheated. Btdt."
  4. K, KK = okay, all right. "K, I understand."
  5. L8R = later (goodbye). "Gotta go now. See you l8r."
  6. LMAO = laughing my ass off. "LMAO of your jokes!"
  7. NM = nevermind. "You don't get it, do you? Nm."
  8. ROFLMAO = rolling on floor laughing my ass off.
  9. ROFLMAOQXZ = seperti "ROFLMAO" tapi kamu menekan huruf lain saking lucunya."
  10. sup? = what's up? atau wassup? "Hey, sup?"
  11. TTFN = ta ta for now. "Gotta go now. Ttfn."
  12. SMH = shake my head (bayangkan kita geleng2 kepala karna kelakuan seseorang).
  13.  TTYL = talk to you later.
  14. HARFO = have a real fine one. "That is great you are going on vacation next week, HARFO!"
  15. KTHXBI = okay, thanks, bye. "Please wake me up tomorrow at 6, kthxbi."
  16. TTYN = talk to you never. "I hate you, ttyn."
  17. FYI = for your information. "Fyi, today is my mom's birthday."
  18. IMHO = In my humble opinion.
  19. PV = point of view.
  20. TBH = to be honest.
  21. AFAIK = as far as I know.
  22. BRB = be right back.
  23. LDR = long distance relationship.
  24. POI = point of information.
  25. MIA = missing in action.