Contoh percakapan bahasa Inggris saat membeli baju / berada di toko pakaian

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Bagaimana contoh percakapan atau dialog bahasa Inggris saat membeli baju di toko pakaian?

Contoh percakapan bahasa Inggris saat membeli baju atau berada di toko pakaian.

X= Can I help you? (Dapatkah saya membantu Anda?)

Y=Can I see that one? (Dapatkah saya melihat yang itu?)

X= Yes, what size are you (Ya, berapa ukruanmu?)

Y=I don't know (Saya tidak tahu)

X= Can I try this? (Bisakah saya mencoba yang ini?)

Y=Ok, try a size 10. The changing room is over there. (Oke, coba ukuran 10. Ruang ganti di sebelah sana)

X= Have you got a bigger/smaller size? (Apakah Anda punya ukuran yang lebih besar/kecil?)

Y=Yes here you are ( Ya ini)

X= How much is that? (Berapa harganya itu?)

Y=It's $20.

X= Have you got a blue one? (Apakah Anda punya yang warna biru?)

Y=How was it? (Bagaimana dengan itu?)

X= I will have this (Saya akan membeli yang ini)

X= Can I pay by credit card? (Bisakah saya membayar dengan kartu kredit?)

Y=Yes (Ya)

Y=Would you like to choose something else? (Apa Anda ingin memilih sesuatu yang lain?)

X= No, thanks (Tidak terima kasih banyak)


X: Pembeli/Pengunjung

Y:penjaga/pelayan toko

Kalau hanya melihat-lihat atau tidak jadi beli, Anda bisa menggunakan kalimat berikut ini:

  • Just looking, thanks (Hanya melihat-lihat, terima kasih)
  • I will leave it, thanks (Tidak jadi, terima kasih)
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thanks @lintang


Latihan soal conversations

Man: Did you have a nice flight, ma'am?
Woman: Yes, but a little turbulence.
Man: Let me help you with the bag.
Woman: Thank you. It's very kind of you.
Man: Do you want to take a taxi or the bus?
Woman: A taxi will be OK with me.
Man: But, getting a taxi at this time may be difficult.
Woman: No problem, I'll wait.
Where does the dialogue probably take place?
Man: How long have you been out of the country?
Woman: Two weeks and it was amazing.
Man: Where did you go?
Woman: Finland for a week, Scotland for four days and the rest I spent in England.
How long was the woman out of the country?
Alan: Hi, Jon. Do you fancy playing chess?
Joni: Oh, no thanks, I don't really feel like playing chess. How about going out instead.
Alan: it sounds good. Do you like eating at the Padang Restaurant?
Joni: I really do not like it. How about going to the theatre?
Alan: I love it. There is a new movie.
Joni: Well I really keen on it. Let's go.

What does Alan offer to Joni?
Woman: Have you had a job before?
Man: Yes, but in small printing company
Woman: Why do you want to work here?
Man: I want to get a better salary
What is the dialogue about?
Man: Where should we take a vacation to this year? Let’s decide soon.
Woman: Well, I’d like to go somewhere warm. How about the beach or we could rent a cabin by the lake.
Man: I think going to the lake must be better.
Woman: Ok dear.
What have they decided?
Bryan: Good morning, Sir. What do you bring in your car?
Mr. Jo: Good morning, Bryan. I bring my books for my daughter.
bryan: Do you want me to help you bring those books, Sir?
Mr. Jo: Sure, thank you very much. Put it on the table in my room.

The underlined sentence shows expression ____
Mr. Jim: Would you like milk or sugar in your coffee?
Mr. Jon: Neither, thank you.
Mr. Jim: So, what do you want?
Mr. Jon: ____
Man: Did you go to Nisa’s party last Saturday?
Woman: I planned to go but I couldn’t make it.
Man: Oh, why?
Woman: I had a terrible headache.
What does the woman mean?
Woman: Hi, Guy! Where will you go?
Man: I will go to a bookstore
Woman: What are you going to buy?
Man: An English grammar book written by Betty Simon
Woman: Oh I see, By the way, I heard there are magazines, novel, comics, and science books on sale in the book store
What is the boy going to buy?
Mrs. Yona, Mrs. Fitri's aunt, dropped in Mrs. Fitri's house. Fitri opened the door for her and offered her a drink.
Fitri: Please come in, aunty.
Mrs. Yona: Thank you.
Fitri: Have your seat and make yourself comfortable. ____
Mrs. Yona: Yes, please.