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Contoh email lamaran pekerjaan (job application email) dalam bahasa inggris  

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Kalau sebelumnya sudah saya berikan contoh surat lamaran pekerjaan dalam bahasa Inggris, maka sekarang adalah surat lamaran pekerjaan yang di kirim via email (job application email) yang terkadang perusahaan maunya surat lamaran pekerjaannya berupa email yg langsung dikirim ke alamat email mereka. Nah langsung saja berikut ini contoh emal lamaran pekerjaan dalam bahasa inggris yang bisa Anda kembangkan dan sesuaikan sendiri.
Subject Line of Email Message: Assistant Director Position - Your Name

Email Message:

Dear Hiring Manager,

It was with much interest that I read your April 8th [insert alternate date] job posting on Craigslist for an Assistant Communications Director. Your description of the work responsibilities incumbent upon your next Assistant Director closely match my experience, and so I am excited to submit my resume to you for your consideration.

In my position as an Assistant Communications Director for ABC Company, I wrote articles for the company website, managed the editing and posting of contributing articles, managed their social media presence, and wrote and sent out a weekly email newsletter to subscribers. I also implemented an automated email tool that grew their subscriber base by 40% within six months.

While Assistant Communications Director for Assemblyperson Janet Brown, I researched, drafted and amended legislation, wrote press releases, and was responsible for office communications and correspondence.

My resume is attached. If I can provide you with any further information on my background and qualifications, please let me know.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you for your consideration.

John Doe
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Cell Phone


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  • Email
  • Home Phone
  • Cell Phone

yang sesuai dengan data diri Anda.

Semoga bermanfaat:)

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