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1.Edo: The government plans to raise the water bill next month.
Rita: ____ It will increase the number of poor people.

The suitable expression to complete the dialogue is .....

2.Ratna: Dian, I think Riri is responsible for this matter.
Dian: Well, I don’t know.

From the dialogue, we may assume that .....

3.The underlined expression expresses .....

Mother: You know that Mira always takes sleeping lately to solve her problems.
Father: That’s wrong. It can be dangerous for her life if she doesn’t change her bad habit.

4.The suitable expression to complete the dialogue is .....

Windy: Is Bandung Mall near here?
Mia: Yes, it is.
Jack: _____ it’s about 100 kilometers from here.
Windy: Oh, really?.

5.The suitable expression to complete the dialogue is .....

Maya: So, where will we go?
Nury: How about the beach?
Jane: ____. We have visited a lot of beaches this year.
June: Kuta? Kuta beach sounds interesting, right?.

6.Some monkeys, ____ use their tails in a way similar to a hand.
7.Your friend says, ” Let us go out tonight” and you think it’s a good idea. You say:
8.Someone says, "It’s hot today" and you disagree. You say:
9.Your friend is talking about a movie you both saw and says it was fantastic. You agree and say:
10.You won’t go to work tomorrow, will you? … ( Disagree )